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The History of Tenimyu

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The History of Tenimyu

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February 4th, 2008

 Hi, I am the Production Manager  of MaaMuu production.
With a few friends, I have put together 2 episodes of a Spoof Live-Action Drama version of the anime Prince of Tennis (and the Musicals).
The Drama is called "King of Tennis". 
In the future, we will have more episodes (we are just currently waiting for the snow to melt to resume filming).
You have to befriend this journal in order to watch the episodes. </a></font></b></a>kotsp

Please support us, we are not making any money out of it, we are purely doing it out of joy and love for Prince of tennis.
We are Fans with too much time on our hands.
Thank you!

Not sure where to tag this
Ex-posted in other tenimyu comm.
Let me know if this is not allowed, i will remove right away.

August 23rd, 2007

Hello and welcome back to class everyone! Although, from now on, we're not really running things here in a "class" format.

Most people will know this from our recent recruiting post, but, to refresh: what we're aiming to do now is "create a one-stop-shop for all things Tenimyu. Information on actors, shows, casts, merchandise, events, etc., all collected and organized in one place for easy reference. There are many wonderful Tenimyu information sources out there, but they're very spread out and often incomplete. Our goal is to give the fandom one place where they can go for anything they might need or want to know." Liz put it so well, I just had to copy paste ^_~

So, anyway, we've had a ton of volunteers, but I'm putting up a list of names + what you volunteered for, just to make sure I've got it right:

The Volunteer ListCollapse )

If I'm missing anyone, or if it turns out you can't do it, or anyone new would like to volunteer, leave a comment on this post, and I'll update the list appropriately. This List will also probably be changing as we go, to reflect more accurate assignments, so people can come back here and check on what they're supposed to be doing.

Also, if anyone has any questions, please comment on this post with them. I know things are still a little vague at this point, but sometime in the near future, me and Liz will be posting Demo Info Posts to give you guys a better idea of what's required of you. Also, once these are up, we'll be asking people for self-set deadlines for your stuff, so we can keep things moving in a somewhat timely fashion.

Also also (^_^;), if there's anyone willing to write up some info on buying merchandise, please let us know--I think that's one of the only things we don't have a volunteer for.

Thanks so much to everyone who's volunteered, and thanks in advance for all your help with this project! m(__)m

P.S: This post is public, but posts after this will be locked to the comm, so if you haven't joined yet, please do so!

July 31st, 2007


pennytook-sensei and I were talking this morning, and...I think the end decision was that no, this comm will not be closing, but it will be undergoing some big revamps.

The community up until now has focused a lot on member participation and discussion, but because the response wasn't exactly overwhelming, the comm's original mission of providing a resource of info about Tenimyu...kinda went pfft.

So. If all proceeds according to plan, the new tenimyu_history's purpose will be more along the lines of information gathering, with info posts rather than discussion topics, though of course it'd be great if people discussed the posts anyway. :P We were thinking of assembling a handful of "specialists," so to speak--people with special knowledge of some aspect of Tenimyu, whether it's a certain actor or cast or event or whatever--who will then write up info posts on their area of expertise and post them on the comm for reference and discussion. (I, for example, will most likely be writing about one Yoshitsugu Abe. :P)

The idea here is to make this a place where people looking for Tenimyu info can find it, or where those already familiar with it can learn more and discuss it. I was thinking it'd also be cool to have an "I Have A Question About Tenimyu" post, where someone could ask, say, "What exactly happened with Yanagi's accident?" or "What the hell are they saying in 'Seigaku Game,' anyway?" and get those questions answered (or be referred to the post where the answer's already been discussed).

Anyway. I hope our hard-working sensei will forgive me for jumping the gun on the announcement here, especially since we hardly talked about the idea for more than a few minutes. XD;;; But I couldn't bear to see that "comm is closing" post up without some sort of "BUT...!" following it. XD;;

We'll be officially looking for "specialists" to write up these posts sometime in the indeterminate future, but if anyone on the comm is interested in being one of them, by all means, let us know. m(__)m

Class Dismissed

nino is our king
Okay, I've kind of seen this coming, but I just thought I'd make it official: I'm going to close this comm.

Sorry if this is a disappointment to anyone, but I just don't think anybody, myself included, has the time or energy to really make this community into the kind of information sharing source I had envisioned :/ It's really just poor planning and organization on my part, so again, sorry.

Thanks to everyone who participated, I really do appreciate it. I'll be keeping copies of the major Lists and stuff, so just shoot me an e-mail if you'd like access to them. I'm closing down officially tommorrow, so if you have any last words, say 'em now ;p

July 9th, 2007

Hello Again ~

nino is our king
First: I'm sorry for being internet-less T___T I really wasn't thinking about this possiblity...but, I guess I'll have to do what I can for the time being. Thanks to everyone for putting up with me (^^;)

Anyway, glad to see everyone carrying on in my absence--Please keep up the good work!

As for our next section, fanfic, I won't be around to moniter things, but what I'd like to do is start a Fic Rec List, of sorts.

What I want from this section is to pick out the fics that shaped the fandom. The ones that really effected our ideas of the actors and their relationships, so we can go over these in discussion later (Also, anyone who's not a big fic reader doesn't have to participate here; though if you're new to the fandom and want to read more, hopefully this will help). Now, I know most of the fics in this fandom are listed on Strawberry Wine, or can be found by digging through the archives on tenimyu_slash, but I'd like something a little more succinct. A list of Starter Fics, if you will.

That said, I'll get us started with my Fic Rec:

Osaka no Muzan, by Nekonezumi
This was the first serious Second Cast fic, and I think the first one to really look in-depth at the cast members personalities. I think it shaped a lot of people's opinions about the second cast, and is a must-read for anyone in the Tenimyu fanfiction fandom.

Okay, take it away kids!

Also, since I said I'd do it:

Rival Cast SurveyCollapse )

June 11th, 2007

Random idea for a potential discussion topic, but I figured I'd throw it out there while our sensei is internet-less:

Pick any two cast members and talk about their relationship with each other. Do they seem to be close friends during the myus? Outside of the myus? What evidence supports their friendship? (Good sources: backstages, blog entries, screencaps, photos, etc.) Do they still hang out together now? (if applicable)

For example:Collapse )

If you decide to give this a try, I'd advise sticking to facts rather than assumptions--e.g., "They are seen together often" rather than "They spend so much time together that it's obvious they're in love!" ...even if it is obvious. :P

My point is to incite some discussion about the wonderful relationships that have formed between these guys due to their involvement in Tenimyu, but not to get too much into romantic speculation since that could lead to grisly OTP wars, which would somewhat disrupt the peaceful, fact-centered feel of the community. :P And then pennytook-sensei would kick my ass when she returns, and that would not be fun at all.

So. Anyone willing to take up the challenge? :D
Me again! I decided I'd try and do one more post before I leave for camp! ^_^

So who's next? um......lets do.....Kaidoh!

MamushiCollapse )
Just dropping in to say that I haven't died ;p I've got limited access to the net via my local-ish net cafe, so I'll be able to stop by every now and then to check on you guys.

I was very to see a discussion question go up in my absence! Thank you crazy_otaku911! (^_^) It was a really fantastic question, and one that could be applied to any cast member. So, if anyone has the time, please follow her example, and ask the masses some general Qs about your favorite boy! Remember, there's old and new blood here, so getting our ideas out there is the first step! I notice a lot more new kids than old kids talking, so come on, old kids! Don't let the newbies show you up (^_~)

The next section is going to be the one most of you are here for, I'm sure, the fic section (^_^) I haven't quite organized my thoughts on this yet, but I'll be back before too long with an opening post for the next section.

May 30th, 2007

Okay! Well I'm going to take pennytook -sensei's suggestion and post! Because like everyone else I love finding out why, and what, they love about tenimyu!
So the first this I want to talk about is the the differences in the the various actors for a certain character. I think I suggested this before but now I'll actually talk about it~ Lets start with Ryoma!
Basically I want to know what you all think about how they portray the complex character of Ryoma(well, Ryoma is complex to me!). Like what aspect did they concetrate on most and what sort of vibe do you get from watching them? Well, that's not quite what I'm trying to say but basically I want to concentrate on Echizen for this post.

So I'm going to do it! (please bear with me!)
EchizenCollapse )
So that's it! Please, please, PLEASE tell me what you think. Or if you'd rather be like me just squeal over them all! ^____^
But hey! I didn't squeal that much!

Just a quick note:

nino is our king
I totally forgot that this was going to happen, but I thought I'd warn everyone:

I'm going to be moving to a new place soon, and I'm not sure how long it's going to take to get internet set up there. Until then, my access will be limited to luck with unsecured wireless networks, or internet cafes, but I promise to get things up and running again when I get back. Sorry! (>_<) (T_T)

But, if anyone here would like to take this opportunity to throw out some questions for discussions, or your own ideas for some different ways to share ideas on this comm, please feel free :D :D :D :D
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