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Eto ne~ Who's next?

Me again! I decided I'd try and do one more post before I leave for camp! ^_^

So who's next? um......lets do.....Kaidoh!

Who is your favorite Kaidoh?

Favorite On-stage moment?

How about off-stage?

Okay now to the disscussion of how the actors approached the character!
lets see if I can make sense!

Gomoto Naoya hm. Kaidoh is another tricky-ish character(ok I give up I'm a ditz!). I think Gomoto stayed truest to the anime Kaidoh. He's truly scary at times and then gets reduced to a sap by one little neko. Also he was most believeable in his realationships with Inui and Momo (I've always thought that Momo and Kaidoh are good friends they just have a weird way of showing it)off-stage he's really a sweet guy but didn't let that carry on-stage. Also he physically fits kaidoh! He's tall, thin, and has a very sexy pair of legs! ^_____^

Kousuke Kujirai Um definetly scary but I dunno...I never got any real feelings from or for him......I mean, 2nd generation was my least favorite cast b/c half the time none of them seemed.....there! like the angst with Momo felt really fake. I just give him ok marks.

Tomo Yanagishita Okay, Tomo is my favorite Kaodoh but I'll admit he's not the best at doing venomous Mamushi! He waaaay too cute and he's not very realistic when he yells at the Ichinen trio. Whenever he's not supposed to be fighting with Shinpei he's practically getting along. But maybe thats b/c I've only seen one show with him. and he hasn't had much time with Inui so I son't know about that.

Not exactly very good of me but I've gotta run!

Please discuss!!!!!
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