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Friendships in Tenimyu...

Random idea for a potential discussion topic, but I figured I'd throw it out there while our sensei is internet-less:

Pick any two cast members and talk about their relationship with each other. Do they seem to be close friends during the myus? Outside of the myus? What evidence supports their friendship? (Good sources: backstages, blog entries, screencaps, photos, etc.) Do they still hang out together now? (if applicable)

For example: Kime and Abe, first cast Fuji and Kawamura. During the musicals, they seemed to be very close, and not just when they were actively rehearsing together--when Abe temporarily left the cast to do Les Miserables during the second run of the first show, Kime went to see the performance. Abe posted pictures from this later, though they're no longer available on his site, and I believe Kime wrote about it on his blog, too. Kime also left a "happy birthday" message to Abe on his BBS after the run of Tenimyu had ended, and said something along the lines of being lonely without Taka-san. ♥

In pictures, the two are often seen touching in some way, implying that they feel comfortable enough with each other to be openly affectionate. There's also, of course, the famous scene from the Graduation Myu backstage, wherein the two of them come in together, do a great deal of giggling and grinning at each other, and share a few mushy moments in front of the camera--before Abe suggests they walk inside holding hands, and Kime laughingly denies him. :P

In fact, it seems like they're a lot closer in general around the time of the graduation musical--or, at least, this is the first it really shows up on film. There are moments like Yanagi's surprise birthday party, where the two of them stand together and Abe puts his hands on Kime's shoulders as they sing "Happy birthday." And then there's a scene during the myu itself, where the two of them can be seen clasping hands and then hugging each other hard in the background while MoriEiji does...some dance move thing, I don't remember. :P

The point is, there's a definite closeness and sense of being extremely comfortable together that I think comes across through everything we see of them in the context of the musicals.

Nowadays, I don't think they hang out very much--Kime's busy touring and recording and working like mad, and Abe's just as busy with tons of shows and lives and performances. From their blogs, the only times they seem to see each other are when the whole Tenimyu group gets together for a reunion dinner/sleepover/whatever, and the rest can only be left to speculation. If I had to speculate, though, I'd guess that they have the kind of friendship that can survive long periods of time apart--you know, the kind where you might not see someone for months at a time, but when you get back together, everything still feels exactly the same as if you'd just seen each other the day before. Or so is my take on it, anyway.

...And so ends my brief thesis on Kime and Abe. :P I could say a lot more about the two of them, but I think this is enough to give you an idea of what I mean re: this challenge.

If you decide to give this a try, I'd advise sticking to facts rather than assumptions--e.g., "They are seen together often" rather than "They spend so much time together that it's obvious they're in love!" ...even if it is obvious. :P

My point is to incite some discussion about the wonderful relationships that have formed between these guys due to their involvement in Tenimyu, but not to get too much into romantic speculation since that could lead to grisly OTP wars, which would somewhat disrupt the peaceful, fact-centered feel of the community. :P And then pennytook-sensei would kick my ass when she returns, and that would not be fun at all.

So. Anyone willing to take up the challenge? :D
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