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Hello Again ~

First: I'm sorry for being internet-less T___T I really wasn't thinking about this possiblity...but, I guess I'll have to do what I can for the time being. Thanks to everyone for putting up with me (^^;)

Anyway, glad to see everyone carrying on in my absence--Please keep up the good work!

As for our next section, fanfic, I won't be around to moniter things, but what I'd like to do is start a Fic Rec List, of sorts.

What I want from this section is to pick out the fics that shaped the fandom. The ones that really effected our ideas of the actors and their relationships, so we can go over these in discussion later (Also, anyone who's not a big fic reader doesn't have to participate here; though if you're new to the fandom and want to read more, hopefully this will help). Now, I know most of the fics in this fandom are listed on Strawberry Wine, or can be found by digging through the archives on tenimyu_slash, but I'd like something a little more succinct. A list of Starter Fics, if you will.

That said, I'll get us started with my Fic Rec:

Osaka no Muzan, by Nekonezumi
This was the first serious Second Cast fic, and I think the first one to really look in-depth at the cast members personalities. I think it shaped a lot of people's opinions about the second cast, and is a must-read for anyone in the Tenimyu fanfiction fandom.

Okay, take it away kids!

Also, since I said I'd do it:

Tenimyu [Rival] Cast Thought-Provoking Survey

I choose Fudomine, St. Rudolph, Yamabuki, and Hyoutei, as I don't know that much about the two newest teams.

1) Who was the first [Rival] Cast member you found yourself drawn to, and why?
-Fudomine: I think the very first one I liked from Fudomine was Konitan, just because he got the most stage time and he's awfully pretty. But, not too long after that I became very fond of Mamo--I think it was DL2 that did it, the whole grabbing-Shunri's-ass thing ;p

-St. Rudolph: Hmm. Hard to say. It was either KENN or Hide, perhaps the pair of them simultaneously. Of course, in time, I grew to love the entire cast, but KENN and Hide caught my eye first

-Yamabuki: Probably Wada? He's so dang charismatic ;)

-Hyoutei: Hard to say, as I never liked Hyoutei in the original series, so I was prepared to dislike them a lot, but I think...Kenta. He's a Kansai-boy for one thing, and a fantasic goofball for another, so...;p

2) Who did you end up liking, but never expected to?
-Fudomine: YOH, I think. I wasn't that impressed with his performance as Tachibana. But in the end, he's such a lovable geek I just couldn't help myself.

-St. Rudolph: Shinoda XD; His character is so damn obnoxious, but he's just so damn...I dunno...charming, but in a really wierd way XD;;

-Yamabuki: I'd have to say Juri. Akutsu is such a jerk, and funny-looking to boot (XD;;) I wasn't really planning to entertain any affection for him. But, I think once I saw him backstage, and saw what a big cuddly teddy-bear he is in real life, I was done for (^^)

-Hyoutei: Er, lots of people, actually XD; Ruito and Saitou I didn't expect to like because I wasn't fond of Gakuto and Oshitari to start with; and then Washimi and Kawai--they didn't seem that interesting at first, but they changed my opinion over time.

3) If you could meet just one [Rival] Cast member only once, by chance in the streets of Tokyo, who would you want it to be, and what 3 questions would you definitely ask them?
-Fudomine: Mamo! x a million XD; Because I'm pretty sure he'd be a complete nutcase and it would just be good times. And I'd ask him...
1) To do some impressions of Tenimyu cast members :D
2) If he's married to Shunri yet, or if they're just dating.
3) What's your favorite anime/manga series Of All Time?

-St. Rudolph: Noooo, I can't decide T___T Ermmmm...Okay, KENN, because I hear his English is pretty good XD; Questions:
1) Will you ever get the NaBs back together again?
2) What's your best Tenimyu memory?
3) WTF is up with your idol video, yo?

-Yamabuki: Er, probably...Wada. Like I said, charisma ~ What would I ask him?
1) [perhaps a little too personal, but] Were you really raised by your grandparents, or did I misunderstand that blog entry I read a long time ago?
2) Why did you want to get into D-Boys so bad that you lied about your age?
3) Was it worth it?

-Hyoutei: KenKen! Totally. Although, in all honesty, I have no clue what I would ask him XD; In any event, I wish him a speedy recovery ;_;

4) What's your favorite [Rival] Cast song, and why?
-Fudomine: I'm gonna have to go with Shinken Shoubu, mostly because of all the intense!faces Mamo does during that song XD;

-St. Rudolph: Erabareshi Elite. Stuck in my head for weeks after I heard it.

-Yamabuki: Ikuze! ...they...don't have many songs, do they? XD;;

-Hyoutei: Koori no Emperor is definitely top of the list, I think. I was really impressed with it right from the start.

5) Which do you think was the best [Rival] Cast, and why?
This really was an evil question, my deepest apologies XD;; Um...I'm gonna have to go with St. Rudolph here. I mean, yes, I'm madly in love with all of them, but I think they've always been really good at embodying their characters, and showing the bonds between their team, and it makes for a good performance every time ♥

6) How about the worst, and why?
I'm gonna be lame and not answer this question XD;;

7) Of all the [Rival] Cast members, who do you think will still be hanging out together 20 years from now?
-Fudomine: Mamo and Shunri because they are MARRIED. Seriously. I'd go as far as to say they are possibly the most married pair in all of Tenimyu. Fukki and YOH seem to have struck up a lovely dorky relationship as well, so I imagine the lot of them will stick together for a long time to come.

-St. Rudolph: I'd say all of them, but KENN and Hide and Yuuki seem to have drifted off into their own things for now, although I was happy to see how comfortable they were for the Supporters DVD. Mainly, though, I think Kenji and Shinoda and Ryousuke will be together for a while with JACKJACK, and after that...I have a feeling Shinoda and Ryousuke will always find a way back to each other ♥

-Yamabuki: Oh, golly. I dunno about these guys. Iorin seems to keep in touch with people at least a little.

-Hyoutei: Kazuki and Takuya seem to still hang out with some frequency...

8) How about who's going to drift away?
-Fudomine: Well, Sugawara's already basically long gone, and Konitan's always so busy...

-St. Rudolph: Like I said, KENN, Hide, and Yuuki seem the most distant. Although KENN is a big sap, so I imagine he tries to keep in touch with everyone.

-Yamabuki: No idea, really. I never saw them as all that close to begin with.

-Hyoutei: Sadly, most of the team seems to be drifting off into their own thing nowadays...

9) What's your favorite [Rival] Cast moment on-stage?
-Fudomine: The entirety of DL2 Good Combination, Mamo and Shunri. Although I guess they weren't technically playing their Fudomine characters XD;

-St. Rudolph: Probably Erabareshi Elite, back in the original SeiRu Myu. I was really impressed with the team's performance, plus it was the only show where they were actually all there ;_;

-Yamabuki: Maybe the team introduction during DL2? I was especially amused by Akutsu running off crying XD;

-Hyoutei: I think I'd have to choose the performance of Season from DL3, most especially the part where KenKen and Date sing to each other during the chorus ~ ♥

10) How about backstage?
-Fudomine: Er...well, I do love Mamo's impressions of people in the Hyoutei summer backstage...

-St. Rudolph: Souta's interviews of the team in the MTL backstage (^_^)

-Yamabuki: Juri getting ready to change into his costume, when he does that cutesy little voice right after doing the scary Akutsu voice ;p

-Hyoutei: KenKen Janken ;D When he looses to Date, naturally.
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