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Meh~ Let's try this out!

Okay! Well I'm going to take pennytook -sensei's suggestion and post! Because like everyone else I love finding out why, and what, they love about tenimyu!
So the first this I want to talk about is the the differences in the the various actors for a certain character. I think I suggested this before but now I'll actually talk about it~ Lets start with Ryoma!
Basically I want to know what you all think about how they portray the complex character of Ryoma(well, Ryoma is complex to me!). Like what aspect did they concetrate on most and what sort of vibe do you get from watching them? Well, that's not quite what I'm trying to say but basically I want to concentrate on Echizen for this post.

So I'm going to do it! (please bear with me!)

1)Who is your favorite Ryoma and why?

2)What's your favorite onstage Ryoma moment?


And now the Discussion part. I'll try to reafrain for squealing or babbling!

Yanagi Kotaroh - I think Yanagi chose to go for an adorable Ryoma. He's a sarcastic person but innocently so, He doesn't intentionally insult anyone he's just perfect honest in his opinion.
Also I think the reason everyone loved after his accident, and why he stayed in tenimyu, was his story. He returned after getting hit by a car and being in a coma for 2 weeks!!! It's extremely inspirational and fits in very well with the theme of Prince of Tennis.

Oh! Also what does Yanagi think about about his accident? I was watching 1st supporters Dvd and when they were watching clips of the first musical, is it just me or did he look sad? i mean, a lot of people make a big deal out it. does he feel like he's been branded? Sorry if that's a dumb question.

Endo Yuuya - Yuuya is a downright snot! =D He was the most perfect annoying, cocky, and snotty Ryoma. I always felt he pushed a little to much in More Then Limit but I liked how he accasionally droppped it in Dream Live 1st to show something to the affect of Yanagi.

Kimeru - I was surprised when I saw Kimeru play Echizen! He's such an expressive person but he did a pretty good job at Ryoma. He was a little sulky but then again he was drinking Inui juice. And you have to add all the facts. kimeru was playing Fuji until 3 weeks before the show and then Yanagi woke up about 1 week before it started (wonder what that felt like!)But you're always thinking 'Man I wanted to see as Fuji!' =D

Sakurada Doori - of all the Ryomas I think Doori did the best at combining all the different parts of Ryoma. He can be kiddish at times but when it matters he'll kick your butt! Plus he's the right age and the other look young but they're aren't quite as good at being adorable....maybe I'm just biased.

EDIT~I should prolly do this to, ne? After all I'm the one who wanted to do this!
My list of Ryoma:
1. Doori
2. Yanagi
3. Yuuya
4. Kimeru

Favorite onstage would be.....Yuuya's 'Sunmmason' in DL1 or Doori passing out. ^_^

Backstage - hmmmm. Doori....just about everything that has to do with him!

So that's it! Please, please, PLEASE tell me what you think. Or if you'd rather be like me just squeal over them all! ^____^
But hey! I didn't squeal that much!
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