Liz Starsky (lizstarsky) wrote in tenimyu_history,
Liz Starsky


pennytook-sensei and I were talking this morning, and...I think the end decision was that no, this comm will not be closing, but it will be undergoing some big revamps.

The community up until now has focused a lot on member participation and discussion, but because the response wasn't exactly overwhelming, the comm's original mission of providing a resource of info about Tenimyu...kinda went pfft.

So. If all proceeds according to plan, the new tenimyu_history's purpose will be more along the lines of information gathering, with info posts rather than discussion topics, though of course it'd be great if people discussed the posts anyway. :P We were thinking of assembling a handful of "specialists," so to speak--people with special knowledge of some aspect of Tenimyu, whether it's a certain actor or cast or event or whatever--who will then write up info posts on their area of expertise and post them on the comm for reference and discussion. (I, for example, will most likely be writing about one Yoshitsugu Abe. :P)

The idea here is to make this a place where people looking for Tenimyu info can find it, or where those already familiar with it can learn more and discuss it. I was thinking it'd also be cool to have an "I Have A Question About Tenimyu" post, where someone could ask, say, "What exactly happened with Yanagi's accident?" or "What the hell are they saying in 'Seigaku Game,' anyway?" and get those questions answered (or be referred to the post where the answer's already been discussed).

Anyway. I hope our hard-working sensei will forgive me for jumping the gun on the announcement here, especially since we hardly talked about the idea for more than a few minutes. XD;;; But I couldn't bear to see that "comm is closing" post up without some sort of "BUT...!" following it. XD;;

We'll be officially looking for "specialists" to write up these posts sometime in the indeterminate future, but if anyone on the comm is interested in being one of them, by all means, let us know. m(__)m
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