kotsp (kotsp) wrote in tenimyu_history,

Spoof Live-Action Drama

 Hi, I am the Production Manager  of MaaMuu production.
With a few friends, I have put together 2 episodes of a Spoof Live-Action Drama version of the anime Prince of Tennis (and the Musicals).
The Drama is called "King of Tennis". 
In the future, we will have more episodes (we are just currently waiting for the snow to melt to resume filming).
You have to befriend this journal in order to watch the episodes. </a></font></b></a>kotsp

Please support us, we are not making any money out of it, we are purely doing it out of joy and love for Prince of tennis.
We are Fans with too much time on our hands.
Thank you!

Not sure where to tag this
Ex-posted in other tenimyu comm.
Let me know if this is not allowed, i will remove right away.
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